About Synapse

About Synapse

Collaboration between the arts and sciences has the potential to create new knowledge, ideas and processes beneficial to both fields. Artists and scientists approach creativity, exploration and research in different ways and from different perspectives; when working together they open up new ways of seeing, experiencing and interpreting the world around us.

About ANAT

Since its inception in 1988, the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) has been a catalyst for experimentation and innovation across art, science 
and technology.

ANAT champions artistic excellence by supporting professional artists and
fostering a culture of creative risk-taking, secures the necessary resources 
to enable artists to pursue creative research and realise groundbreaking 
artworks, and communicates the importance of creative experimentation and
 expression within the arts and - increasingly - in broader society.




Hugh Davies

Hugh Davies is a researcher, artist and curator and founding member of Analogue Art Map.

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Sherryl Ryan

Artist and CEO of Culture at Work

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Rainer Linz

Composer and sound artist Rainer Linz has a long involvement in radio, music theatre, instrumental and electronic music. His work includes an opera as well as numerous chamber and electronic pieces intended for concert performance. He is also an author and publisher.

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Gavin Sade

Gavin Sade is a designer, educator and researcher in the field of interactive media, with a background in music and sonology. In 2003 he formed Kuuki, a creative media collective who have since exhibited works nationally and internationally.

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Peter Strain

I am a photographic artist, writer and videographer working in the marine environment, highlighting fine art values and anthropomorphic values in nature. I particularly work with macro marine imagery in the intertidal areas of Australia's remote Kimberley coast.

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Jack Ox

I am a Research prof. at the Unversity of New Mexico, artist in residence at the ARTS Lab, co-located at the Center for High Performance Computing. Here artists collaborate with visualization scientists.

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Aleve Loh

“Transformation” is a recurring theme in all my work.

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Claude Jones

My work focuses on the creation of chimeric, mutant and anthropomorphized forms that examine our complex and contradictory relationship with other animals.

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Robert Zwijnenberg

Robert Zwijnenberg is professor of Art History in relation to the development of science and technology, at Leiden University, The Netherlands.

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hellen sky

Hellen Sky is a digital choreographer/performer/director/writer whose work poetically bridges the human and the technological.

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Christiana Kazakou

My artistic practice explores the interconnectedness and open-ended dialogue between art and science by combining scientific concepts, laws and theories from different disciplines with arts practice.

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Marc Guastavino

Semiotician, mathematician, specialist of Picasso, Duchamp, Stein, Oulipo and the art of memory

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Jennifer Hall

Professor and Coordinator of Art, Education and New Media Program at the Massachusetts College of Art.

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Bernadine Okoro

I work with the National Science Foundation as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow.

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Carmen Reid

Carmen is interested in how synapses form personality and contribute to how we perceive ourselves in relation to constructed environments.

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Liz Lea

I am a choreographer creating a new dance work about flight - man, woman and bird and am interested in engaging with scientists to explore the science of flight.

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david warren

Have worked in large scale holography since 1984. Currently producing analogue and digital holograms on the theme of contemporary communication systems associated with personal technologies and the Net; welcome to blogsville.

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Simeon Nelson

I work with sculpture, installation and some digital art-forms. I sometimes work collaboratively with other artists, architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, composers, geographers, historians, biologists, dancers and others.

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Marian Pastor Roces

Marian Pastor Roces, founded and curated the Museo ng Kalinangang Pilipino at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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Teri Hoskin

Dr Teri Hoskin is a research-based artist and writer. From 1997 Teri has managed & designed, edited, coded et al eWRe (the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble).

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