About Synapse

About Synapse

Collaboration between the arts and sciences has the potential to create new knowledge, ideas and processes beneficial to both fields. Artists and scientists approach creativity, exploration and research in different ways and from different perspectives; when working together they open up new ways of seeing, experiencing and interpreting the world around us.

About ANAT

Since its inception in 1988, the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) has been a catalyst for experimentation and innovation across art, science 
and technology.

ANAT champions artistic excellence by supporting professional artists and
fostering a culture of creative risk-taking, secures the necessary resources 
to enable artists to pursue creative research and realise groundbreaking 
artworks, and communicates the importance of creative experimentation and
 expression within the arts and - increasingly - in broader society.




ricardo pulgar

designer end bioethics researcher

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Ionat Zurr

Born in England , currently living and working in Western Australia . Wet Biology Art Practitioner. Artist in residence/PhD candidate in SymbioticA. Co-Founder of the TC&A Project. Research Fellow at the Tissue Engineering and Organ Fabrication Laboratory, Harvard Medical School (2000-2001).

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Marta Menezes

The use of biology as an art medium is not a recent phenomenon. It is likely that ever since early humans have started domestication, animals and plants have been selected, and consequently modified, based on aesthetic values.

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Sophie Kahn

I'm an Australian artist living in New York (and currently in Tokyo). My work addresses the erotics of death in the still image. It owes its Victorian-futurist aesthetic to the interaction of the digital and the analogue.

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Dvora Morag

Dvora Morag is an Israeli painter, photographer, and installation artist whose mixed-media work deconstructs the private-public, present-absent dichotomy.

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Myriam Solar

Myriam Solar, a Madrid based transdisciplinary artist, writer, curator and independent researcher- theorist and practical - experiments in several Emerging Fields connected to the complexity art with the sciences of water and the complexity, fractal geometry, chemistry, AI, physics and ethology.

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Danielle Olsen

I'm an independent curator.

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Guy Ben-Ary

Guy Ben-Ary was born in Los Angeles, USA in 1967, lived most of his life in Israel and currently working and residing in Perth Australia. He graduated Law school in Tel Aviv University and is undertaking a Masters course in the school of architecture landscape and visual arts, UWA.

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sey min

boundlessly prolific as an interaction designer, computer artist and educator /

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Jens Hauser

Contemporary Art Curator, University Lecturer, Writer, Video Maker

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Cameron Robbins

Cameron's work is based on interaction with natural forces and the elements. He has devised many ways of producing a kind of collaboration between artist and nature. This is evident in the series of Wind Drawing Machines.

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Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig

Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig undertook a Synapse 2 residency with The Department of Archeology and Natural History, Australian National University (ACT)

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Jean-Pierre Dautricourt

Jean-Pierre holds a Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory from Harvard University and earned a B.A. in Music from UCLA, graduating magna cum laude. He was a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

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Sam Hoffmann

Sam Hoffmann is a cross disciplinary artist working with video/multimedia , performance , and CCD practice to explore and express ideas of sustainability , multiculturalism and identity.

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Horia Cosmin Samoila


Exploration of Electromagnetic Landscapes and Cognitive Limits.
Extra-territorialization of cognitive conglomerates (psycho-geographies) trough the emergence of new Technologies of Communication and Information.

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Georgia Wallace-Crabbe

20 years experience in Film and Television Production, as a Creative, writer/ director/editor, Executive producer, producer, production manager, Line producer.

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Sherryl Ryan

Artist and CEO of Culture at Work

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Julian Voss-Andreae

Julian Voss-Andreae is a German-born sculptor based in Portland (Oregon). Starting out as a painter he later changed course and studied physics at the universities of Berlin, Edinburgh and Vienna.

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Jelina Haines

am a visual artist specialising in Textile & Wearable Art, Environmental Art and Wildlife Costume Design. My art is inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Australian environment, and its diverse ecosystems.

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Ernestine Daubner

Ernestine Daubner is an art historian and theorist whose research focuses on modern and contemporary art practices at the intersections of science, technology and culture. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD in the Humanities from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where she teaches.

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