Elena Cologni

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Elena Cologni has a doctorate form the UNiversity of teh Arts, London, Central Saint Martins College. Her mediatised performances, installations and video manipulation point at the unstable nature of perception and memorisation of reality through time. Rockfluid builds on her interest in memory (since 1997) and live documentation of performance, further developed with specific involvement of the audience in ‘Mnemonic Present, Un-Folding’ series (AHRC 2004-06). It continued through: Creative Lab Residency at CCA in Glasgow (2006), Re-Moved (2008, CCA, Gi08) and Geomemos, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2009), when site specificity and notions of memory as archival and removal in trying to enhance the audience’s and my own experience of who we are in any given moment. Using video pre-recorded and archival material in the ‘presentness’ of the event, underline the everyday’s condition of constantly engaging with (and processing) re-presentation of immediate or remote past, to make sense of the present.