Hans H Diebner

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I call my process-based and performative approach to systems theory "Performative Science", a synergy between art and science.

I am currently (since Aug 2013) research fellow at the Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry at the University of Dresden.

Also I am associated as freelance researcher to the Institute for New Media in Frankfurt am Main.

I studied physics at the University of Tübingen, where I graduated in 1994 with a thesis on exactly reversible molecular dynamics simulations. My final year project as well as a subsequent post-grad project has been supervised by Prof. Otto E. Rössler. In 1999 I received my PhD with a doctoral thesis on "Time-dependent deterministic entropies and dissipative structures in exactly-reversible Newtonian molecular-dynamics universes." During my doctoral studies and thereafter I have been research assistent and postdoc, respectively, at the Institute for Medical Biometry, University of Tübingen, with Prof. Klaus Dietz. My research focus was on intra-host Malaria modeling and immuno-epidemiological system dynamics of other infectious diseases.
In 1999 I founded the Institute for Basic Research at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM), Karlsruhe, which I headed until end of 2005. There, I conceived "performative science", a methodological discourse on the inter-relationship of artistic and scientific methods as well as practical implementations in the fields of complex systems research based on the new performative scientific episteme. The achievements of the ZKM-period have been published in 2006 by Springer-Verlag Wien, entitled Performative Science and Beyond - Involving the Process in Research. Since 2006 I continue with performative science at the Institute for New Media, Frankfurt am Main. I am deeply committed with education and endeavours to establish performative science as a (really) interdisciplinary area of studies.