Helene von Oldenburg

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Helene von Oldenburg lives in Rastede and Hamburg, Germany. She holds a doctor's degree of Agricultural Science and a Diploma in Visual Arts. Her work - presented in lectures, performances and installations - centers on research of appearances and effects digital media forces on perception, society and future. She is member of the Old Boys Network, curator of "UFO-Strategies", 2000, and with Claudia Reiche founder of the first interplanetarien exhibition site on Mars THE MARS PATENT. She curated with Rosanne Altstatt "Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data" 2001/2002 at the Edith Russ Site for Media Art Oldenburg and she published "UFO - Strategien" (2000) and with Rosanne Altstatt "Cyberfem Spirit - Spirit of Data" (2002).