Geoderma is a 3D video and installation project that developed into a major exhibition first shown as a Festival of Perth event at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, in Western Australia in 1998.
The work took a year and a half to complete and is the collaborative efforts of three artists: Brian McClave, David Carson and George Millward.

Geoderma then toured Australia between 1998 and 2001 with funding from Art on the Move and the Australia Council


The Impact by Degrees exhibition presents perspectives by Australian media artists who, through collaborations with scientists, environmentalists and designers as well as an extensive engagement with Australia’s unique
environment, have developed cultural responses to the most urgent for humanity challenge—Climate Change.

Impact by Degrees is the key cultural event within the Embassy of Australia, Washington DC in the lead up to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen 2009.


Chameleon is an interactive video installation
exploring emotional contagion between groups and
individuals. It stems from Tina Gonsalves’
continuing fascination on human emotion, intimacy
and vulnerability. Chameleon becomes art
installations, research papers, and novel, more
dynamic models for scientific research that
explore mimicry and contagion across social groups.
incrementally reveal the emotional exchange, and contagion across social groups

_Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_

_Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ explores concepts that shape and are shaped by an extensive range of online/synthetic encounters. These concepts are formed through principles generated internally within specific online environments. These environments include - among others:

i-500 Intelligent Architecture

The i-500 project, an interactive media installation in Curtin University of Technology’s new Minerals and Chemistry Research and Education Buildings. The project team was convened by Dr Paul Thomas, the Co-ordinator of the Studio of Electronic Art, in the Department of Art at Curtin University in collaboration with Christopher Malcolm installation co-ordinator at the John Curtin Gallery and Mike Phillips director of the Institute of Digital Art and Technology (i-Dat) at the University of Plymouth.

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