Visible Human Bodies

Australian Centre for Photography

Peta Clancy'sVisible Human Bodies(VHB) will be exhibited at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in the United Kingdom from 30 April until 10 July in 2005 as part of the Brighton Festival.

White Noise: Black on Black, White On White

This work invites you to explore the limits of your visual perception. A geometric pattern unfolds across a background of similar colour; the subtle difference between the two appears only when the display is viewed from certain angles, due to the polarization of light. Duckworth comments that 'to 'see' the work requires an 'active reconfiguring of our viewing habits'.


paintedSKY features the world's first successful recording of the Aurora Borealis in stereoscopic 3D and will be premiered in Australia during BEAP 07 at Horizon, the biggest planetarium in Australasia. The Aurora Borealis, and its Southern equivalent the Aurora Australis, are stunning atmospheric displays representing the dynamic relationship between the Earth and the Sun.

Blaks Palace

The jumpers from Christian Thompson s series, Blaks Palace, mirror the inconsistencies and misrepresentations of Aboriginality by the dominant culture.


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