Ultimate Degradation

In response to the biological destruction of an installation undertaken in Brisbane, the artist undertook scientific research at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Queensland, to observe the destruction of her artwork,
following through the visual and scientific effects of nature and their impact. Utilising various microscopes (Compound Dissecting Miscroscope, Zeiss Aksioskop FF Microscope, JSM 6400 Microscope), digital images were taken, manipulated and, in some cases, produced as digital animations.


Through images, text, fingerprints and DNA sequencing (from hair samples of the subjects) a series of abstract layers of identity will be woven together to create the fascia for the “identity chamber. The physical chamber, a tent-like construction, made from semi-transparant tensioned latex, can be entered and walked through by viewers, while the visual translations of identity are projected onto the chamber’s walls. A metaphorical recombination takes place, identity becomes an elastic (en)coded building process.

Somnolent Fantasies

Somnolent Fantasies – The SleeperConcept / Rationaledisembodied meanderings in innerspace….along the dark recesses of the mindSomnolent Fantasies – The Sleeper is an interactive installation that takes the participant on a journey through the stages of sleep. The participant interacts with the sleeper by setting the time on a clock interface. This triggers the stage of sleep or the dream the sleeper is experiencing at that time.


This project includes “audio spotlights” (Ultrasound sound projectors) and “Eyecon” (a new tracking system and interactive tool for sound and video). Along with traditional loud speakers, these new tools for creativity allow me to treat a space of a few hundred metres square in which the audience will become the reactive component for creating a sound scape.


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