Temporal Intervals

"Temporal Intervals" will have a few components:

1. The installation in the stairwell:
Obsolete scientific equipment is activated by the presence of the viewer.

2. The viewer can further interact with the machines by pressing a foot pump to change the path of the ink traces on the recording drum. Emphasis is placed on the comparison between the analogue obsolete machine processes and the virtual, digital domainA disembodied soundscape composed of noises made by the scientific machines will be playing at various locations around the building.

Ultimate Degradation

Microscope image slides projected at intermittent intervals on a sheet of voile. A repeating 3D animation loop projected through two sheets of voile and onto the wall behind. Both projections emphasised the degradation of digital data and immersed the viewer bodily in the installation.

The Crumbling Ecologies Project

Crumbling Ecologies interrogates the impact of the economic climate on both environmental conservation and arts education in Melbourne. In times of economic crisis both art and conservation funding is cut, raising questions on their value to culture and society.

A response to the ongoing threatened closure of many media specific courses across Victoria, the works examine the relevancy of these materials within contemporary arts practice and the impact the loss of educators will have on Melbourne’s artistic culture.

Life Support Systems: Making Sense of the Earth's Ecologies

Making Sense combines the works of Targett and Symons’ which investigate both atmospheric and political interests in the ecological conundrum.

The way we make sense of the world has dramatically altered in recent years due to the vast amounts of scientific data, regarding the environmental dilemma. The conceptual challenge presented within the works by Symons and Targett focuses on these central questions:


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