Ectopia, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) was founded and is supported by the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (FCG) to carry on biomedical research and education. The IGC operates as a "host institution", offering excellent facilities and services to foreign and Portuguese research groups or individual scientists, in particular to young post-doctoral fellows who are expected to develop their projects and form their groups in complete autonomy.<br>


Whether you’re developing for online, PC, large-scale interactive digital mock-ups or videogame consoles, use 3DVIA Virtools to deliver graphically stunning, interactive real-time experiences for industry or game production.

Aero Development and Design, Israel

AD&D Ltd. was established in Israel, in 1983, by its two active directors. Major activities of the company are in R&D of Aerospace and Marine related projects, from preliminary concept through design and manufacturing, up to prototype test and evaluation.AD&D Ltd. extensive experience provides under one roof a complete and optimal solution for both military and civil programs.The firm is mainly involved in providing R&D services as a subcontractor for other companies, as well as in developing in-house projects, generally in cooperation with other firms \ investors.

Ex Omnium Rerum Perturbatio Emergat Forma

The audio-visual reactive installation makes processes of sychronizations of coupled dynamical systems perceptible by the senses. The simulation obeys a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation as used for the mathematical modelling of chemical oscillators. Such an undulatory behavior can be observed in biological cells, for example, where they control communication processes. An important special case is the brain which consists of coupled neurons whose activities are based on waxing and waning concentrations, too. A network of such oscillators, i.e.


ROCKFLUID— Shaping memory in transit is based on a collaboration between artist Elena Cologni and Psychologist Dr Lisa Saksida, Department of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge University. Memory, perception and place are the elements around which the project is built, also by considering “Travelling as a way to produce forms". In the project, memory is considered in its 'fluid' and 'solid' states, as Dr Saksida suggests referring to the recollection of events. Memory in its archival state would be solid, and, when in the process of resurfacing would be fluid.


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