North America

Presence Absence

Francesca Samsel was invited by Texas Advanced Computing Center to collaborate with visualization technologists at the ACES Visualization Lab at the University of Texas/Austin, in an exciting experiment to utilize the Lab's science visualization techologies for the purpose of art-making. Three new digital artworks with changing and flowing images were created from Samsel's drawings and photos.

Finger Codes

Finger Codes is the title relating to the body of artwork produced by Eleanor Gates-Stuart as part of her artist residency at the University of California Santa Cruz. Using the fingerprint as a device for human identity, Gates-Stuart merged numerous reference information meshed into multiple grids and layers as a new visual translation of complex systems and network existence.

Visualizing the Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist (‘spirit of the time’) is defined as the ethos or energy of a human culture at any given time. It represents their way of life from political and economic practices to forms of subjective expression. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to create a visual timeline of social progression and cultural exchange based on what is known about the social essence of progenitor human cultures.

Dialectical Model of Human Nature

This graphical model of human nature represents my current understanding of human nature and embodies the guiding philosophy of social neuroscience. Its dialectical structure explicitly links aspects of culture and biology within the cerebrocortical layers of human brain in order to convey the symbiotic and dynamic interaction between these two realms of scientific thought and the natural world. In its entirety, the DMoHN places human nature in time and within an unstable natural environment.


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